Below are some of the common wood mill and custom planing, cutting, and sawing services we offer. If you are interested or are curious about a particular item, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist you!

CAD Drawings

Produced in-house.  Drawings can be emailed to your computer as PDFs or DWF for your convenience and approval.

Planing and Sanding

We plane and sand thicknesses from ⅛” (~3.175 mm)  to 5½” (~13.97 cm) and widths up to 42” (~1.07 meters).

Profile Sanding

Our machines can sand 360ᵒ of any milled molding up to 6” (~ 15.24 cm) wide using wheels and/or belts.

Profile Priming

Paint or polyurethane finish can be applied, using an ultraviolet oven for a smooth finish. We also offer a spray line for a sleek look. The white primer used in our UV prime line is 100% reclaimed with no environmental remittance.

Knife Grinding

We offer in-house tooling and knives made to our customers’ specifications.

Gang Rip Cutting

We can custom cut lumber to specified widths.

Optimizing Cutting

Our computerized cutting system maximizes lumber efficiency through programmed cutting for specified lengths to eliminate knots and cracks from the final product.

Re-Saw Cutting

We offer a 4” (~10.16 cm) blade with a tilting fence that can cut up to 6” thick (~15.24 cm) by 12” wide (~30.48 cm). We can make standard or beveled cuts and we also offer thin curve cutting when wood removal is crucial, using a 1/16” (~1.158 mm) kerf.

Straight-Line Rip Saw Cutting

Straight line rip cutting.